Why should Businesses switch their business energy supplier?

Last year was a record year for energy supplier switches across the UK with an average of 12 switches per minute. So why should you switch your business energy supplier?

Reducing business energy spending

The main reason businesses look into switching to a different gas and electricity supplier is to reduce energy costs. By comparing business energy quotes available on the market, you could save up to thousands of pounds on your business energy bills. And don’t forget, if you prefer to stay with your actual supplier, it is still worth re-negotiating your energy contracts. The savings may be smaller than switching suppliers, but you could still achieve better quotes than a standard renewal offer.

Better customer service

Having a good unit rate isn’t everything. Some energy suppliers sometimes fail to deliver great customer service. Repeated issues like inaccurate billing, incorrect direct debit amounts and poor service in resolving these issues can drive a business to seek a new energy supplier, even if it means paying higher unit rates. When switching suppliers, businesses should compare customer satisfaction scores to avoid disappointment.

Green and clean

Do you want to do your bit for the environment? All types of businesses, SMEs to large corporations can opt for a green electricity and gas contract. By comparing green energy quotes and switching suppliers, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint, do their bit for the environment and improve their public image. Green energy deals tend to be slightly more expensive than your traditional business energy contract, but you could be eligible to tax relief for reducing your carbon footprint.

Compare and switch online

Businesses can now compare energy quotes online without speaking to someone on the phone. New comparison websites are introduced to the market all the time, making life easier for business owners. With the more advanced comparison websites you don’t even need a bill anymore, you can get quotes in 60 seconds with only your business name and postcode.

Business Energy Quotes.com (www.businessenergyquotes.com) for example has been designed with busy business owners in mind, making it easy to compare and subscribe to an energy contract 100% online in just a few minutes.

Benefit of energy technology

Businesses can sustainably reduce their energy bill by reducing their energy consumption. And with the help of new technologies such as smart meters and specialised software and hardware, it’s never been easier. New monitoring software is able to highlight various consumption issues that can help businesses manage and identify problem areas easily, so they can be avoided in the future.

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