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We sat down last week with Victoria, Corporate Pricing Specialist at Northern Gas and Power. Victoria has amassed thirteen years of energy industry experience, and has witnessed first-hand some of the developments within the sector.

Victoria moved to Northern Gas and Power over 18 months ago, and has used her knowledge of the industry to help businesses develop comprehensive strategies to procure their energy contracts.

In this week’s instalment of NGP Success Stories, we asked Victoria some questions about her time at Northern Gas and Power. She shared her story and her experiences of working for NGP, and gave some great insight into what a career in the Energy Sector looks like.

Why did you choose to work at NGP?

I came to NGP because of the strength of its values for its customers. With my experience, I know how important it is to make sure there are really robust compliance values when working with clients. There are really strong compliance protocols here.

There’s a big emphasis on doing right by the customer and putting the customer first, so I knew this was somewhere where I’d fit in. There were other benefits to joining too, like the progression opportunities here and the exciting environment that’s been created. 

What does your role as a Corporate Pricing Specialist entail?

I look after the full client experience. I bring new clients onboard, as well as closing agreements with energy suppliers for my clients. For new clients, I tender potential offers to suppliers and analyse the energy market to see which offers would be best-suited to the business. In addition, I’ll also provide additional services around their compliance with Net Zero, which businesses need to enact sooner rather than later.

It’s really important that businesses aren’t left behind in terms of sustainability. Part of my role is to help businesses understand the value of energy management and net zero consultancy platforms like ClearVUE. I also work with my clients once their contract is live, helping to resolve any issues throughout the life of the new contract.

What got you interested in the energy sector?

My career has always revolved around progression. I want to get as far as I can in my career. In this industry, the opportunities are endless. There’s so much going on. It changes by the day. You’ve got to move with the industry. Right now, there’s a huge drive towards renewables and sustainability. There’s so much potential there for anyone who’s interested in forging a really rewarding career path for themselves.

The financial benefits in this industry, and at NGP are also incredible. Over 13 years, I’d have never achieved what I have if I didn’t work in energy. Is it easy? No, of course there’s going to be hard work involved. But I can guarantee that the hard work does come good, and you’ll progress your life ambitions and progress your career at NGP. 

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at NGP?

You need to have drive. You need to have determination. Knowing exactly what you want for your clients is really important. You’ve got to be able to handle the corporate world, and keep informed with what’s happening in the industry.

You’ve got to know what you want for yourself too. It isn’t easy to manage large accounts for big corporations. You have to be adaptable, resilient, motivated and agile. In this job, you’ve got to be prepared to give your all for your clients. It benefits them, and it benefits you. Knowing and seeing the difference you make with your clients is one of the most rewarding aspects of this job. You establish relationships with your clients too, and it’s really fascinating learning about them and their operations. 

You never, ever have the same day twice. And you’ve got to prepare yourself for that at NGP.

Global Procurement Group, the parent company of Northern Gas and Power are now accepting applications for positions in the UK, France, Malta and the USA.

Are you interested in starting your career with Northern Gas and Power? Get the latest career information and job opportunities by visiting NGP Careers today!

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