UK renewable energy output hits record highs

The UK’s blustery weather has been given the credit for helping to set a new record for the amount of renewable energy being generated.

Windier-than-average weather in June meant that at one point, 9.5gigawatts (GW) of wind energy was being generated in the UK, along with a further 7.6gw of solar energy. With biomass and hydro generation included, a total of 19.3GW were

That represented 55% of total demand, which was a new record: it was also the first time that renewables have generated more than gas and coal plants combined.

It’s outstanding news for the renewable sector, and a step in the right direction, though there is a long way to go. Many other countries are now setting long-term targets for 100% renewable generation (Sweden says it’s on target to achieve this by 2040), and the UK needs to follow.

Demand turn-up scheme

The sheer volume of renewable energy being generated has triggered the ‘Demand Turn-Up’ scheme – which sees National Grid to make payments to major energy users to use more power so that the grid wasn’t overwhelmed by supply. The scheme involves six large businesses, who were selected through an auction, to use the grid’s excess supply, rather than pay energy companies to stop generating.

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