UK industry could turn to energy self-generation – but what about everyone else?

New report claims big businesses could start to generate their own energy – but help is at hand for everyone else who wants to take control of their energy bills.

A recent report by accountancy firm PwC has claimed that a third of UK industrial business could invest in technology to generate their own energy – called ‘distributed energy’ – in the next five years.

The survey, of 500 companies, says larger companies could invest up to £1m each in a bid to mitigate rising energy costs. However, it says concerns about the rate of return will hamper the growth of smart energy solutions.

The idea of generating your own energy is a sound one, as long as companies use renewable energy resources. However, investment at that level is only suitable for the very largest companies – what can everyone else do to combat the endless rise of energy prices?

The vast majority of employers will never be able to afford the capital investment required to start generating their own power. But that doesn’t mean they should give up on the idea of cheaper energy contracts.

Take control of your energy

NGP works with businesses of all sizes to help them take control of their energy, with no major outlay required. It’s the accessible, easy way to secure cheaper long-term and/or flexible energy tariffs.

Not only will we help you to secure cheaper energy bills, we can help advise on the best way to reduce energy consumption, too, so you can reduce your firm’s carbon footprint.

There really is nothing to lose. Call us today.


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