NGP People: Meet Tim Strange

tim strange


Role at Northern Gas and Power:

European Partner Channel Director

Start date:


Why did you join NGP?

Having specialised in my specific area of indirect sales and partner channel development for over 10 years, I decided that I needed to work with a company that matched my ambition and were not afraid of thinking outside the box, NGP fit this bill perfectly. Working with NGP, you have the freedom to develop and grow not only professionally but personally.

What is your favourite aspect of working here?

I enjoy my role at Northern Gas and Power as it is very challenging and rewarding, however my favourite part has to be the family mentality – although the company has grown fast over the last year, it hasn’t lost the family aspect of the job. Everyone shares in each other’s success and helps each other as we have one common goal and that’s making NGP the best consultancy in the world.

What is one word that the NGP team would use to describe you?


How did you become interested in the energy industry?

When I was younger, I started working for Npower and the ever changing market kept things interesting for me. Being very knowledgeable and approachable I found the transition to business networking, business management and indirect sales channels to be very easy, and when combining these two areas it has become quite the passion of mine.

What are you most likely to be heard saying at work?

Focus on what you’re doing, not what other people are doing.

What is one piece of careers advice you’d give to someone applying for a role at NGP?

This is not just a job where you can make a lot of money, it is a career that allows you to shape you and your family’s future, which allows you to be rewarded for your hard work, and allows you the freedom of enjoying life while you are doing so. Work hard, pay attention, and listen these are the three things you need to do to be successful.

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