The Key to Key Account Management

One of the unique features of Northern Gas and Power’s business model is our after sales care. We ensure that our customers continue to be looked after, long beyond the sale date.

We pride ourselves on a great customer experience, and through working with a wide range of businesses it is apparent to us that certain customers, whether due to size or complexity of their accounts, require a far more bespoke service.  

Many energy consultancies will use the sales agent as the specific point of contact for their customers. This is rarely an effective model for a company or even for the customer. Sales agents spend the bulk of their time engaging with new businesses or with existing customers who are looking to add to their existing portfolio. 

At Northern Gas and Power, we understand that customers have the right to demand a high-quality service for the investment they have made in instructing an energy consultancy. It is for this reason that we heavily invest in the development of our people to our ensure they are fully equipped before being appointed as Key Account Managers.

As well as Key Account Managers, we employ other Advisors, Energy Data Managers and Procurement Specialists, all under one Customer Services department to ensure a breadth of experience is available should our customers require it.

Whilst it is not unusual in any industry for staff to maintain responsibility for multiple customer accounts, the role of a Key Account Manager requires a far more intense, intimate relationship with the stakeholder than any other support role. Regular meetings, monthly or quarterly reports, site lists, and kVA analyses represent a fraction of the tasks required. 

With suppliers based all over the world, this can make the simplest of enquiries extremely time consuming to resolve. But this is what a Key Account Manager is there to do. They provide a critical service for the customer’s business, that the customer would otherwise have to assign resource to. 

Whilst this model continues to grow with the success of Northern Gas and Power, the benefits are there for all to see. The services we’ve provided to over 20,000 businesses worldwide has seen them save millions on their energy, and our success can be measured in the thousands of glowing reviews left by satisfied customers on Trustpilot

By David Cole

“David is a former senior Police Officer who retired from the service in 2020 and has now worked with Northern Gas & Power for just over a year as the Customer Services and Key Account Team Manager. With a wealth of investigative and strategic experience David has managed teams both large and small in a variety of roles to meet the needs of the public and now the private sector. As a relative newcomer to the Energy Industry David has brought his considerable knowhow and enthusiasm into the role and developed/professionalised the team into the efficient model it is today.”

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