The Business Guide to SECR

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) was launched in April 2019 by the UK government. It aims to give organisations a clearer picture of their energy use and encourages carbon reduction. The report also helps organisations boost their reputation and increase transparency to consumers and investors. 

SECR requires organisations to report energy and carbon emissions in their annual reports alongside their financial accounts. This means an organisation’s action towards energy efficiency implementation will now be public and must be informative, effective and commensurate with the size and level of energy use of the business.

You can read more about the purpose of SECR and who is required to submit a report in our SECR blog post.

In this guide, we want to walk you through on what you should report, why you should do it, and how Northern Gas and Power can help you through this yearly process. 

What do you need to report?

Below are the general requirements for what to report on:

  • Your organisation’s global emissions (from purchased electricity and gas; and from boilers, furnaces, and vehicles) for the reporting period (financial year).  
  • A written description of your energy efficiency actions taken in the reporting period. 
  • At least one intensity ratio.
  • The methodology used to calculate the submitted information.
  • If applicable, your previous year’s figures.

Why do it?

Reporting your energy and carbon records in this scheme, apart from being a requirement, is a huge corporate reputational driver for your organisation. SECRs allow you to disclose your sustainability goals and practices. However, they also allow you to provide evidence of your progress through consumption and emissions data. Additionally, reporting helps the government plan its net zero targets more effectively. 

The future growth for your organisation can be aided through the support of keen investors who will assess your energy and carbon reporting when making decisions. In other words, making the effort to be more sustainable will likely attract investments that move your organisation forward.

Transparent climate reporting enhances corporate reputation, builds consumer confidence, accelerates innovation, and also improves financial risk management.

How Northern Gas and Power can help with SECR

We can help you with the entire process.

Our Energy Services department oversees all matters related to business carbon assessments and energy compliance, including Scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions reporting. We also help you benchmark and plan your complete energy and carbon reduction plan. This can be in the form of operational and behavioural changes, as well as plant and equipment changes. When opportunities have been identified, we then provide a complete project delivery service.

Work with you to put in procedures that simplify data collection. 

We provide energy audits, prepare short-, medium-, and long-term energy and carbon reduction plans, run in-depth feasibility studies, and also provide assistance with energy budgeting. 

Help you engage with decision makers to initiate change and publicise your action.

We can work with you as you engage with key stakeholders and decision makers for your organisation to initiate and sustain change in your energy consumption procedures. We also love to share your journey to a better, more sustainable energy future.

Live access to carbon and energy consumption data with ClearVUE

ClearVUE Systems is the technology hub and subsidiary of Northern Gas and Power. It empowers businesses to monitor their energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout their sites. 

ClearVUE.Zero, our flagship energy management system, provides you with real-time data and deep analytics into your energy usage. The software helps you visualise and your consumption patterns so you can proactively target energy efficiency improvements by adjusting operational behaviours. This is a great way to gain a clearer picture of how your organisation can achieve its decarbonisation and sustainability targets. 

ClearVUE.Zero provides tools that make SECR reporting easier than ever before.

You can produce consumption reports for your organisation’s sites that collate energy consumed in addition to your carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (NO2) emissions in kilograms. 

Ready for help on your SECR requirements? Call us on +44 (0)3 300 300 800.

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