Leah Barrett

Global Operations Director

Leah Barrett is Global Operations Director at Global Procurement Group. She combines entrepreneurial flair, business acumen and a dynamic approach to all elements of the Global Procurement Group and Northern Gas and Power’s Services department. With particular expertise in building leadership presence, and a wealth of operational experience in the energy industry, Leah delivers exceptionally rigorous compliance standards across the business portfolio. Through coaching, training and its strategic implementation, she impacts at a senior level influencing the whole business.

Leah provides expert guidance for the Service and Operations team – the largest standalone team in the Northern Gas and Power network. Her department were highly commended nationally at the Energy Efficiency Awards 2018 for Quality Management, Compliance and Training. Leah’s dedication, industry knowledge and determination to succeed has enabled her to develop her sales career successfully. At just 27 years old, she was made Global Operations Director at Global Procurement Group, having started as a Team Manager just a few years prior. Leah was nominated for Inspiring Female Leader in the North East Chamber’s Business Awards 2020 and won the Utilities Female Leader of the Year 2021 in the CEOToday awards.

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