Top 5 Sustainable Office Changes Post-Lockdown

Despite the challenges of lockdown, working from home has led to some environmentally beneficial effects. Here are our top 5 tips to continue this as we head back to the workplace!

With the UK soon to be back to normality, the idea of returning to work at the office is certainly on our radars. As challenging as working from home may have been, it has provided several significant environmental benefits, including the lack of commuting and traffic!

However, as we head back to the workplace from 17 May onwards, we outline some quick and effective ways to remain environmentally conscious when returning to the workplace.

Don’t Waste Your Lunch

With the UK in lockdown for several months, we’ll have all improved our cooking skills! But our homemade food is good for the environment too. Preparing your lunch at home means you use far less plastic packaging and produce less food waste overall. It also means you’re more likely to save money on daily meals!

Each item of food packaging adds up, and no matter how your food is wrapped up, the waste doesn’t simply disappear once binned! But by preparing your meals at home, you can reduce excess packaging and control your portion sizes to avoid unnecessary food waste.

Turn Your Devices Off

If you leave your devices on standby, you’re wasting over 7,000 of electricity each year. That’s electricity you’ve paid for too! It’s an easy error to make, but when you leave the office, it’s important to shut down your devices and electronics completely. Properly switching off and powering down your devices will lead to huge financial and environmental benefits for your business. Here, you can read our top energy saving tips for small businesses.

Summertime Sunshine

We all love the sunshine in the summer. Not only does the sun lift the mood of the office, but it can save you energy on lighting! Switching off the lights and allowing more natural sunlight into the building will help save on energy consumption and reduces your bills.

You can also replace your workplace light bulbs with long-lasting, energy saving light bulbs. They’ll last around 10 times longer and can even lead to a £50 saving per bulb!

Heating Using the Sun

In the summer, with favourable outdoor temperatures, you don’t need to heat the workplace so often! Thermostats are sometimes set warmer than they need to be. The most efficient temperature is a maximum of 18 degrees in the summer. Bear in mind, when you reduce the thermostat by 1 degree, you can save almost 10% on your energy bill!

Modify Travel Arrangements

Over the last year, the country has certainly learned how to be more flexible. Altering your commute to avoid peak times or cycling or walking to work are ways to reduce the environmental impact of your daily commute. You’ll be benefitting the planet, as well as ensuring you’re keeping those around you safer by avoiding crowded places.

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