Predictable billing: take control of your energy this winter

When you run a business, you are exposed to a huge number of unpredictable factors that can affect plans. It’s critical to ensure as much of what goes on around your business is predictable and within your control.

This is why the volatile energy markets can be problematic, causing seasonal price fluctuations and long-term price rises. This can make both short- and long-term financial forecasting more difficult than it needs to be for businesses of all sizes.

A good energy procurement consultant  such as NGP can help prevent your business from being exposed to market volatility or, if you are failing to get the best deal, can prevent you from being vulnerable to market price rises.

Setting your organisation up with the best tariffs and, if it suits your business, securing long-term fixed tariffs for the most appropriate period, can prove hugely beneficial.

NGP’s core business is to assist private and public sector organisations to reduce energy running costs and usage and deliver worthwhile savings – whilst relieving clients of the burden of monitoring and managing all the details.

Trying to compare all the different suppliers, tariffs and service levels takes up valuable time. We can shoulder the burden and weigh up all the factors which have bearing on deciding the correct procurement pathway for you, for example, daily and seasonal demand patterns and the choice of flexible or fixed term contracts.

If you like the sound of very easily saving your administrative burden while also spending less on your energy bills, give us a call and we’ll talk about how we can help.

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