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Fixed Energy Contracts

Why choose a fixed price for your energy contract?

Fixed energy contracts normally provide you with a fixed cost, over a set contract term. Typically the energy is purchased in advance for a set contract period. In a volatile market, a fixed contract provides your business with more control of your energy budget. More often than not, all of the associated charges that range from distribution to government taxes are inclusive within your unit rates.

Is it for me?

Fixed energy contracts for your gas and electricity supply will suit your business if energy is not a major cost for your organisation, and you want to fix your energy price for a fixed term without having to worry about it. A fixed contract gives you energy price certainty and is designed to help meet your budgeting needs.

We offer a range of fixed solutions for gas and electric to match your exact business requirements. To save you time we will assess your business needs and site portfolio making it simple for you to choose the most cost-efficient fixed energy contract over the most advantageous period.

Northern Gas and Power can be relied upon to always negotiate the best market rate for your business, first time, and every time.