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Business Energy Procurement

Why it pays to put the Energy Professionals to work

With constantly rising energy bills, the issue of effective business energy procurement has become critically important for all. The pressures on businesses will increase as costs will continue to rise sharply in the short term. The UK currently faces an energy gap as old power stations close, and demand for energy continues to increase. Renewable sources are not plugging this gap and are slow to come on stream. Add to this Carbon reduction targets and regulatory changes adding extra complications it’s no wonder that customers are feeling the frustration as they struggle to keep control of administration and costs.

How can we help?

As the energy markets become more volatile and increasingly complex, more than ever, our professional energy services are now required in the same way as those provided from experts in other key business areas, such as law and accountancy.

As established professionals within the industry we have extensive experience helping businesses meticulously analyse their energy needs and helping match them with the right solution to fit within their organisation. Our vision is to lead the market by raising the bar in quality standards, providing a level of service that is unmatched within the industry. Make Northern Gas and Power your choice and connect with the right energy partner.

Intelligent Procurement

As independent energy brokers we track market fluctuations and analyse trends to avoid peaks in price. Then we make it simpler to choose the most cost-efficient energy contracts over the most advantageous period with the most suitable energy supplier.

This saves you the bother of having to deal with different suppliers at different times. Having preferential partner status and established relationships with all UK tier 1 and tier 2 energy suppliers, we can be relied upon always to obtain the best market rate for your level of energy requirement.

Individual Management

With Northern Gas and Power you get a dedicated, specially trained account manager to deal with energy suppliers on your behalf. There’s no need to tie up in-house resources as your account manager will utilise their in-depth knowledge and experience to take a look at your energy bills, your existing contracts, and analyse the data held by your energy supplier.

Our energy consultants all work as part of a larger team, who are all ready to lend a hand with advice and support. It’s like having your own energy department to deploy as and when it is necessary.