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Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) & Smart Metering

What is AMR Smart Metering?

Find out how Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) & Smart Metering technology is revolutionising the business electricity market

In December 2009, the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change announced its intention to have smart meters in all homes and businesses by 2020. Smart meters are the next generation of electricity meter. They will bring about the end of estimated utility bills and meter readings and provide accurate information on the amount of electricity and gas being used. Smart energy meters will empower customers to make choices on how much energy they use.

How can Northern Gas and Power help?

Northern Gas and Power can help your business upgrade to smart meters. Your new meter will be independent of any one supplier. This means that no matter how often you change suppliers, you will still maintain the freedom to choose any supplier you wish. Northern Gas and Power will carry out the whole project with as much or as little involvement from you as you like.

Will there be other benefits?

Our smart meters come with ‘Energy Desk’ as standard. Energy Desk is our smart meter reporting platform, and will measure your utility consumption, show you the costs of this consumption and, where appropriate, your carbon emissions – 24/7 365 days a year. Energy Desk is provided as a web-based service, focused on providing control and reducing operating costs.

What do I do next?

If you would like to find out how Northern Gas and Power and Smart Metering can help your business, you simply need to call one of our experienced metering specialists who can answer any further questions you may have.