NGP supports The Sunshine Fund with £5,000 donation

Northern Gas and Power (NGP) is giving back to its regional community charities in the season of good will, following a record year of sales, including being ranked the North East company with the fastest growth in sales in the prestigious Sunday Times Fast Track 100.

Northern Gas and Power has dedicated significant donations to several charities across the UK and will donate in excess of £15,000 this month.

As NGP’s team prepare to take December off, the Ward Hardaway Fastest50 company has prioritised charities within the communities it works, to help give back and bring some good cheer to people less fortunate.

The Gateshead Quays based company, part of Global Procurement Group (GPG), has included The Newcastle Chronicle Sunshine Fund Christmas Appeal in its charity initiatives, helping children with disabilities across the North East, by funding life-changing specialist equipment. The energy consultancy will donate £5,000.

Andrew Laird, Northern Gas and Power’s UK Sales Director, said “We already support several charities including Metro Radio’s Cash for kids, but this year we wanted to extend that support wider across the region.

“Supporting people less fortunate is a privileged position to be in. We’re a big employer across the North of England; many of our people have family or friends who may suffer from challenging issues. As a business, we don’t take for granted being in this position of good fortune. That is why we want to share some of that good fortune and the Sunshine Fund is a great charity to support.”

Siobhan Sargeant, Sunshine Fund Charity Director, said “We are thrilled to benefit from this huge donation of £5000 from our friends at Northern Gas and Power, who after a phenomenal year of growth are committed to supporting their charity partners and making a real difference in our communities. As a leading business in our region, their support will ensure that we can continue to provide specialist and adapted equipment to babies and children with disabilities right here in the North East. For the past two years we have seen a dramatic rise in the number of applications made to the fund from parents, carers and organisations needing equipment to support a child in need. It’s only with the generosity of businesses like NGP that we can help them. We are looking forward to working with the teams at Northern Gas and Power throughout 2020 and we know we can achieve great things together!”

The donations will be issued to the various charities for the festive period and all NGP team members will be encouraged to get involved with supporting the charities throughout December while they are off – and beyond.

GPG recently posted revenue for 2018 of £29.6m and is now heading towards £40m. The company employs in excess of 300 people across the UK. It employs over 500 people globally with offices in the USA, France, Malta and India, with exciting plans to grow further.

The company was recently voted the energy consultancy of the year in the Energy Awards 2019. Corporate Social Responsibility and Giving Back initiatives played a big part in that decision-making, as well as the increase in sales, people growth and the development of ground-breaking, in-house technology.

Also under the GPG global umbrella is Energies France, NGP Americas, ClearVUE Systems, Business Energy Quotes and Energie SuperMarché. GPG manages over 29TWhs of energy for tens of thousands of customers across the globe.

Caption – Siobhan Sargeant with cheque presentation from Andrew Laird

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