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Customised Energy Procurement for Every Need

Flexible energy procurement involves tracking the wholesale market, allowing you to purchase energy when the costs are low while holding off during price surges. As a result, you can spread price risk throughout the duration of your contract by matching your purchasing plan with movements in the market, rather than working against them.

By doing so, you can significantly reduce your energy expenses, as long as you implement the right strategy for risk management as well as the most suitable model for your purchasing (e.g. seasonal or advance-month deals).

To develop and maximise the right strategy for a flexible approach, OFGEM recommends that businesses partner with energy specialists to make the right purchases at the right time. That’s where we at Northern Gas and Power come in.

How Does Flexible Energy Buying Work?

Our Head of Energy Trading and Strategy, Latif Faiyaz, provides his insights on flexible energy purchasing in the video below.

Flex vs Fixed: Which Is Right for Me?

As the market continues to evolve, we strive to curate the most innovative solutions possible to provide a balance of both flexibility and certainty.

Fixed Contracts

This approach provides cost stability in a volatile market, covering all related expenses - from distribution fees to government taxes - within the unit rates.

Flexible Contracts

Flexible energy contracts allow you the opportunity to take advantage of market volatility, by purchasing energy throughout the life of the contract.

Our Flexible Purchasing Products

Day Ahead image

Day Ahead

Day ahead trading refers to the buying and selling of electricity on the day before the actual production and delivery.

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An energy basket is a viable option for anyone using from 1GWh right up to 10GWh and is fully managed by our expert traders.

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Simple Flex

Simple flexible energy contracts allow you to take advantage of market volatility, by purchasing energy throughout the life of the contract.

Our Flexible Purchasing Services

If you decide on a flexible energy contract, our team will be on hand to advise you on the best way to proceed, as well as assist in developing an effective way forward for your business. We can help create a procurement policy that clearly outlines your purchasing strategy, while also reducing the risks involved in not opting for a fixed price contract.

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Our Flexible Purchasing Services image mobile

With the correct risk management strategy, our experienced team and state-of-the-art systems, you can rest assured that your energy will be well-managed.

Our Approach

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Our Traders: Expertise You Can Trust

Meet our team of seasoned energy traders, who bring unparalleled expertise and a commitment to delivering superior results. From capitalising on emergent opportunities to mitigating risk, we continuously refine our approach to stay ahead of the curve.