NGP: Energy Consultancy with ICO Standards

With over a decade of experience, rooted in innovation and a customer-centric approach, NGP has demonstrated its commitment to best practices, transparency, and data protection in line with ICO standards. 

Northern Gas and Power (NGP), a subsidiary of Global Procurement Group (GPG), is Europe’s largest energy consultancy and an international leader in business energy solutions. 

Operating across five international territories, NGP’s reach extends to over 30,000 business energy portfolios worldwide, testament to its expertise and market leadership. 

ICO and NGP: A Commitment to Data Protection

  • Data Protection at the Forefront: In today’s digital age, data protection is paramount. NGP’s robust Data Protection Policy is a testament to its dedication in safeguarding client data. NGP operates within the ICO’s guidelines, ensuring that clients’ data is handled with the utmost care, security, and transparency. With almost 100,000 energy meters under management, data protection is an essential component of NGP’s operation. 
  • ICO’s Vision and NGP’s Alignment: The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) champions the cause of empowering individuals through information. This vision aligns seamlessly with NGP’s ethos of transparency and client empowerment. NGP’s collaboration with the ICO ensures that they remain updated with the latest in data protection regulations, ensuring clients’ peace of mind. 
  • Continuous Improvement: NGP’s relationship with the ICO is not static. There is the opportunity to continuously engage, learn, and adapt to ensure that data protection measures are always at the forefront of industry standards. This proactive approach ensures that clients can trust NGP with their data. 

NGP’s Market Leadership 

  • Global Presence: NGP’s influence extends beyond the UK. Its operations span across multiple international territories, including the Nordic, German, Dutch, French, and Italian energy markets. This global footprint showcases its adaptability to diverse energy markets, ensuring that clients receive expert insights that are both locally relevant and globally informed. 
  • Unparalleled Expertise: At the heart of NGP’s success is a dedicated team of energy consultants, traders and analysts. With their deep market knowledge, they’ve advised businesses on over £3bn of annual energy cost exposure. The commitment to accuracy and transparency is unwavering, as evidenced by an impressive 93% accuracy rate in price forecasts. This expertise translates to actionable insights for clients, ensuring they make informed energy decisions. 
  • Significant Impact: NGP prides itself on delivering tangible value for clients. Through strategic products like NGP Flex, which was implemented as a solution for businesses to engage with the energy market during the 2021 crisis, NGP has realised savings of over £4.6m for clients in Win-22 contracts alone. These savings outline the commitment to ensuring that clients benefit financially from its expertise. 

Northern Gas and Power’s reputation in the energy consultancy sector is built on a foundation of excellence, deep market knowledge, and ethical operations. 

Working closely with the ICO ensures that NGP remains at the forefront of compliance and best practices. As NGP continues to expand and serve more businesses globally, its commitment to clients remains unwavering. For insights into NGP’s energy solutions and its steadfast commitment to data protection, contact them today. 

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