NGP launches new Cycle to Work scheme

Today marks National Cycle to Work Day 2022, and at Northern and Gas and Power we’re launching our new Cycle to Work scheme this month!

At NGP, we prioritise our colleagues’ health and wellbeing and we want to ensure that our colleagues have the best support possible. We aim to enrich the five pillars of health which include, physical, mental, emotional, financial and social health.

Over the last decade, tens of thousands of new cyclists have made the switch to cycling to work. There are 3 million cyclists in the UK but currently only a quarter cycle to work. They have gotten fitter, reduced their stress levels and saved additional costs on fuel, parking and car repairs. 

Environmental Benefits

Importantly, they have also done their bit for the planet. A 4-mile cycle journey keeps as much as 8kg of pollutants out of the air. If 1 in 10 commuters cycled to work, they’d save around 2 billion gallons of fuel a year.

A physically active lifestyle is known to make people feel more relaxed and increase self-esteem. Exercises such as cycling can boost your mood by releasing adrenaline and endorphins. They can also give you a sense of achievement. In the short term, you will feel more alert and awake when you get to work, and you may even feel happier in the long term.

Cycling is a low impact form of exercise, giving you a good physical workout without damaging your joints. This is because your body is supported by the bike placing less stress on your joints unlike weight-bearing exercises. 

Crucially, this causes far less tissue breakdown and inflammation than running, so you won’t be as sore after cycling than after a run. Not only a cardiovascular workout, cycling also increases muscle mass in your lower body. You will also be much less prone to injury when cycling.

Wellbeing at NGP

As part of our approach at Northern Gas and Power, we’ve provided support and resources to enhance health and wellbeing accessibility for all our colleagues around the world.

If you’d like more information on how our Wellbeing team can support you with Cycle to Work,  please contact:

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