NGP can help you beat the 2017 energy price rises

Industry analysts believe energy prices could rise by as much as five per cent in 2017. That’s a significant jump for major energy users to contend with, potentially adding tens of thousands to the largest energy bills.

There are two obvious ways to avoid being hit by these rises:

  • Reduce energy use by at least five per cent to absorb the costs
  • Recruit an experienced energy procurement consultant

In fact, NGP recommends you do both – and we can help on both fronts.

NGP will work closely in partnership with your business to reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Helping you to bring energy costs, use, and management under tight control can make an unexpected and significant difference to your whole business. As a market-leading consultancy in energy, that’s exactly what we’re in business to deliver.

Meanwhile, we can NGP can save you money, time and effort in the fast-moving and complex energy arena. We make well-informed, cost-effective procurement decisions.

We have a range of energy procurement solutions that match your exact purchasing requirements to best fit your organisation’s need.

To save you time, we will assess all of your business needs and site portfolio, making it simple for you to choose the most cost-efficient energy contract over the most advantageous period.

If you like the sound of saving both energy and money, and dodging those predicted energy price rises, give us a call and we’ll talk about how we can help.

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