NGP Annual Conference 2017: highlights

What an occasion! The Northern Gas and Power Annual Conference 2017 took place at Newcastle’s Boiler Shop on Friday, September 8th, and it was an event to remember.

Incredible energy management system

Naturally, the unveiling of our phenomenal new Energy Management System, comprising a market-leading combined hardware and software solution, grabbed most of the attention.

You’ll be able to read more about that very soon, but suffice to say it is a revolutionary piece of energy management equipment, developed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern, large businesses.

It will take Northern Gas and Power to the next level and provide some incredible opportunities, not just for the business as a whole but for many of the individuals who work here.

We had some amazing entertainment and truly inspirational speakers.

Annual conference speaker highlights

Here are some selected highlights from our speakers on the night:

Crystal Cameron, Sales Director

“What a journey this is! To see the growth in so many people has been quite inspiring, and to watch you grow as individuals and as a company… This is what life is about! What an exciting time to be a part of Northern Gas and Power.

“Even in the last couple of years that I have been here, the success and growth that I have personally seen has been simply remarkable.  How very lucky we are to be a part of this journey and exciting story that we continue to create at NGP.”

Andrew Laird, Finance Director

“It is no longer good enough to be a small broker in a small country in today’s globalised market. Customers are demanding more from their consultants, and have a very real and urgent need for energy monitoring solutions that can service them all over the world.

“We believe that the players and the suppliers in this space haven’t innovated enough to meet the demands of the ever evolving, now global, customer. We believe that NGP, with this EMS IOT strategy can bridge that gap and provide to our customers the all-encompassing global energy solution.

“Our vision is to lead this sector globally through the use and recognition of how technology can change this industry.”


Photos from NGP’s 2nd Annual Conference

Here are a few more snapshots from the event, courtesy of Dan Aziz Productions.



NGP_Conference_2017-0039 1

NGP_Conference_2017-0051 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1866 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1699 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1640 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1603 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1258 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1099 1 NGP_Conference_2017-1046 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0965 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0783 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0703 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0638 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0585 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0523 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0439 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0428 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0403 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0382 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0367 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0339 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0331 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0316 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0297 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0283 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0270 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0212 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0165 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0116 1 NGP_Conference_2017-0093 1

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