NGP and Corporate Social Responsibility: How we do things.

You may have seen our announcement yesterday.

We are aiming to make the entire month of May a month to remember. We have plans in place to ensure May has the ultimate impact on our local communities.

You may be wondering, why now?

This isn’t a completely new direction for NGP, we have helped our communities previously. Some of you may remember we recently donated a large quantity of food to the Peoples Kitchen, or our £10,000 donation to Cash for Kids over Christmas.

We are now in a position to truly give back to our local communities, and for this month, it will be our sole focus.

We are unveiling a new CSR strategy, which will ensure our efforts are forward thinking and effective.

CSR is businesses aiming to have sustainable business practices, whilst impacting the wider community in a good way. Most organisations see now the importance of having positive impact on stakeholders, as this can affect a range of business activities.

This has sprung lots of initiatives in almost all industries. From fundraisers to educational materials, companies now fall over themselves to make the most out of CSR.

But what makes a good CSR campaign?

And why should we care?

How to take responsibility.

We at Northern Gas and Power understand that our stakeholders are key to success. We have built a family of people we treat impeccably well, and now our focus is turning to our wider communities.

From a position of strength we are looking to lead the way in our industry. We are looking to become trailblazers in this area; our strategy will make more impact than any before it. We will not change our principles just because our focus shifts. We will ensure our CSR strategy is delivered with the same enthusiasm we approach our business goals with.

This is how we take responsibility.

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