New NGP office will help cut small businesses’ energy costs

NGP SME collage

The latest expansion at Northern Gas and Power has now begun, with the opening of a new office aimed at helping small businesses to save money on their energy bills.

The SME branch of NGP is the latest in a long line of rapid expansions for our business. Based at our Gateshead HQ, the SME channel will work alongside our other hugely successful NGP consultants.

There are currently 17 people in the office, but this is growing every day: we aim to have 50 people working in this office alone by then end of Q2 2017.

We are also delighted to announce that Alistair Donnelly has been appointed as Director of the SME channel. Alistair started at NGP within a sales role and has quickly established himself as a key member of the team.


Over to Alistair for his thoughts on the new SME channel:

“For a while now we have been making plans to penetrate a new section of the energy market. As a business, we’ve successfully grown to a company size of over 300 heads globally,” Alistair said.

“The reason we’ve gotten where we are now is through our success in providing an outstanding service to our thousands of customers. Services including supporting and protecting customers’ budgets, being able to monitor and control their hardware remotely, and improving the efficiency of their energy across their portfolio.

“We now plan on implementing all of this into the SME market. I am now pleased to announce that significant investment has now been made into the people and resources to this new division of the business and the NGP SME Channel is now in operation,” he added.


“Within the energy industry the SME market is an area that we’ve actively looked at and monitored for a long time. The SME market is undoubtedly a section of the industry that has the most amount of growth potential,” Alistair said.

“We’ve succeeded greatly in working with corporate and mid-market size businesses, and we’re now dedicated to using our vast experience and expertise and repeating these feats in small and medium sized enterprises.”

If you run a small business and believe you are spending too much on your energy, you really have nothing to lose by calling us today.

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