Net Zero Week is a golden opportunity to bring the industry together to focus on something that is critical to all of us – our planet, our people and their sustainability. Throughout this week, we will be sharing our thoughts, insights and tips as a part of the dedicated campaign for 2023.

We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their Net Zero goals. Below is a repository of information, analysis and insight that we hope helps businesses plan their current and future goals.

We would love to hear from you – whether you are starting your journey to Net Zero, or already on the path.

Net Zero Week.


10 Quick Ways To Reduce Energy

Small or large there are ways your business can improve its energy efficiency with some simple tips. Behavioural change will make a difference to Net Zero.

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Spot Inefficiencies in Your Energy Assets

An Energy Management System  (EMS)  is a versatile and powerful tool which helps visualise energy consumption and target areas for significant carbon reduction.

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Food for Thought: Make Life Sustainable

The sustainability of our planet requires focus on every aspect of our lives and embracing new processes that help make our productivity greener.

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Geo-engineering: its potential and pitfalls

Dan Smith, Head of Energy Services, discusses his concerns about the latest geo-engineering project designed to mitigate the effects of climate change.

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Saving our climate … and costs

The push to a world of more widely adopted mixes of renewable energy sources is gaining momentum. But we must continue to drive efficiencies to help save the climate.

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Solving the Energy Trilemma

Energy is an essential part of everyday life. Unfortunately, energy is not easily and readily available in all areas of the world, especially developing countries.

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A Bit on the SIDE To Reach Net-Zero

“Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy” – or SIDE – is an innovative way of balancing energy supply and demand at a micro level.

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Smarter procurement & carbon reduction

Net zero ambitions for UK businesses are accelerating. But what plans have UK businesses made for sustainability?

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Individual or Systemic Change: What’s Best?

Can you make a difference to climate change with your individual actions? Or are you much too small to make a difference?

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Watford Football Club has committed to net zero and begun its transformational journey to do its part against climate change. With their clearly defined vision for net zero, they reached out to us to help them deliver a comprehensive strategy.

The road to achieving Net Zero will require individuals and businesses to communicate their ideas and also their passion. Head of Energy Services, Dan Smith discusses his thoughts.

Alnwick Garden was using power unnecessarily on their fountains overnight. We saved them £450 p/w and -714kg pf carbon p/w, or the equivalent of 37,128 tonnes p/a.

“ We could proactively plan future energy costs through ClearVUE.Zero. The partnership has been paramount to help The Garden plan future budgets, save on energy bills and reduce emissions. It’s all about avoiding high costs and reducing waste. Sustainability is high on our list. ”

– Alnwick Garden


Navigating to Net Zero can be something driven on a local, community level as Florijn de Graaf, smart engineer and pioneer of Smart Integrated Decentralised Energy, explains.

Andrew Clark, Energy Programme Lead at North East Local Enterprise Partnership discusses how the region can prove to be a major force, driving forward the Net Zero agenda.

Here Dr Oliver Jones and Peter Barker discuss building design, use of digitisation and big data to help inform energy efficiency decisions and how these impact on net zero strategies.

The visitor economy is vital to North east England. Here Ian Thomas discusses how sustainability needs to be built into that and how partners can work together to improve transportation and infrastructure.

Our Pledge

Reducing carbon emissions is critical. As a leading business within the energy sector, we understand just how important Net Zero is.

Northern Gas and Power are firmly behind the UK government’s Net Zero ambitions. Despite operating in five countries across three continents, we limit our business travel, encouraging telephone, digital and video conferencing instead. We’ve introduced a staff Electric Vehicle scheme. We minimise printing on site, and ensure the mandatory shutdown of our machines at night. We’ve implemented the latest light-sensor technologies which time our lighting to ensure optimisation. Our in-house experts provide us with extensive carbon assessments and carbon footprinting. Our new £2m+ HQ, RIGA, was designed with sustainability at its very core. The complex is also powered by Gateshead MBC’s Combined Heat and Power centre – a highly efficient heating source. The building has an EPC rating of ‘A’. While we are also planting trees in some Northumberland woodland to help mitigate carbon emissions and create a pleasant space that people can visit and cherish.

We look forward to helping businesses around the globe realise their ambitions for a Net Zero business future.


Our customers have told us they want to gain greater awareness and control of their energy. They want to reduce consumption to protect their bottom line, but also the planet. They are seeking solutions that allow them to gain the ability to view and analyse their energy consumption data quickly and easily across a variety of their sites. Our energy technology hub, ClearVUE.Business is giving them the opportunity to do just that, providing them with the power to proactively plan their journey to Net Zero.