National Day for Staff Networks 2023

Today, we join organisations across the UK in celebrating the National Day for Staff Networks, a day dedicated to promoting positive change in the workplace by encouraging employee networks.

As an international organisation with a global workforce of over 700 people, GPG understands the immense value of diverse perspectives and experiences.

We are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and tolerance across our operations in the UK, France, Italy, Malta, and India. Managing more than 30,000 business energy portfolios, we are in a unique position to promote inclusivity and support our employees and our customers in creating a productive work environment that celebrates our differences.

In light of today’s celebration, we would like to share some of the employee networks we have established at GPG and our plans for the future.

GPG Women’s Network

Launched on International Women’s Day earlier this year, the GPG Women’s Network aims to support and empower our female employees. We began with providing free sanitary products across our UK sites, and demonstrated our dedication to addressing the needs of our staff and promoting gender equality.

We recognise that our female employees have unique experiences and perspectives, and we are excited to continue exploring new initiatives that will enhance their workplace experience. Through encouraging open dialogue and suggestions from our network members, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all our female employees, ultimately strengthening our organisation as a whole.

Multi-Faith Network

We recognise the value of embracing the diverse faiths and beliefs of our employees in creating an inclusive and harmonious workplace. Our Multi-Faith Network serves as a platform for understanding and supporting our colleagues during significant religious events and practices, such as Ramadan.

This network not only facilitates a greater sense of unity among our team members, but also encourages open dialogue and learning about the various faiths represented within our organization.

The Multi-Faith Network is open to everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliations. We encourage all employees to join, as it offers an opportunity to learn more about different faiths and cultures, fostering empathy and understanding among colleagues.

It’s important to us to nurture an environment of inclusivity and respect. We empower our employees to feel valued and supported, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive and productive workplace.

Coming Soon: Pride Network

Our team members have expressed interest in launching a Pride Network at GPG, which will serve as a platform for supporting and celebrating our LGBTQ+ employees and allies. This network aims to provide resources, promote understanding, and create a sense of belonging for all. Keep an eye out for updates on the development of this vital initiative!

At GPG, we remain receptive to ideas for additional employee networks that can further enhance our diverse and inclusive work culture. There are numerous types of networks that can contribute to the well-being and engagement of our employees, including but not limited to:

  • Parents and Carers Network: Offering support and resources to those balancing work and family life or caregiving responsibilities.
  • New Starters Network: Assisting new employees in acclimating to the company culture and fostering connections with colleagues.
  • Disability Network: Advocating for accessibility and support for employees with disabilities, while promoting awareness and understanding.
  • Race and Heritage Network: Celebrating diverse racial and cultural backgrounds, while fostering a sense of belonging and pride in our shared heritage.
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Network: Providing resources and guidance for employees to maintain their mental health and overall well-being, while promoting a supportive work environment.

These networks, and many others, can significantly contribute to an inclusive, thriving, and compassionate workplace for our entire global team.

We are proud to be part of the National Day for Staff Networks and will continue to work towards creating an inclusive and supportive workplace for all of our employees. To learn more about our commitment to diversity, please visit our website or contact us directly.

For more information on the National Day for Staff Networks, visit their website. To learn more about our work on colleague wellbeing, please contact:

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