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This week, we spoke to Nabeel, Senior Account Manager at Northern Gas and Power. Nabeel has progressed through the ranks at NGP, and has experienced the outstanding career progression opportunities available at the company.

Nabeel has several years of experience at Northern Gas and Power. In his time here, he has worked his way up from starting out as new to the sector, to now managing comprehensive energy procurement and energy management strategies for an array of clients.

For this week’s instalment of NGP Success Stories, we asked Nabeel some questions about his career at Northern Gas and Power. He shared his journey through the company, and provided some really good insight into what life at NGP entails.

What do you do at Northern Gas and Power?

I’m a Senior Account Manager at NGP. What that means is that I liaise with my client and the potential energy supplier of choice to ensure the provisions are in line with my customer’s requirements.

What is your career background? What experience did you have?

My previous experience was in Customer Service, a role I really enjoyed. It’s very similar to my current role. I love learning about new businesses and how they operate. I find it fascinating to learn about how they run, the services they provide and the things they need to help them provide their service. When I first came here, I had very little energy-sector experience. But it was something I was able to pick up really quickly here, with the wealth of experience and talent we’ve got.

How did NGP help with your transition into the energy industry?

They were phenomenal with me when I first started. I was given really engaging training from some experienced trainers. They always gave me the information and advice I needed at the time. I remember asking a load of questions, which now seem obvious after all these years. But when I was new here, I always got the knowledge I needed, and was always given great advice. I learned how to be resourceful, and how to keep informed about business news and market trends. It felt like we had experts everywhere, and I’m sure that’s why I was able to adapt so quickly.

Now that you’re experienced, what’s the support like now?

It’s a different kind of support now. I’m engaging in quite high-level conversations with energy suppliers, negotiating for my clients to secure the best deals they can. We’ve got even more talent on board now, so if I ever need to reach out to my Manager, my Director or another team’s Manager, that support is always here. Everyone pulls in the same direction, and that helps create a brilliant atmosphere. 

What do you enjoy most about working in the energy industry?

It’s such a dynamic industry that’s always changing by the day. At the moment, businesses are dealing with a range of issues in the energy sector. But the key focuses are helping them through the energy crisis and guiding them towards a sustainable future. The energy crisis has really been a significant barrier for businesses. But we’re doing some really good work at NGP in mitigating price rises for them. We procure energy for businesses with careful analysis of the market, looking at price trends now and in the future. That makes it quite rewarding. Knowing that we’re working in tandem with clients to help save them money is a great feeling.

Tell us about your progression at NGP

I began as a trainee of course, learning about the energy sector and how it is that we support businesses. Then I learned about energy procurement and the different contracts and opportunities available to businesses. I really hit the ground running and put a lot of effort into supporting my clients, which gave me valuable experience. Over time, I progressed from Junior Account Manager to Energy Consultant. There, I was responsible for the full client journey, and provided clients with advice and support on the issues they experienced with their suppliers. Now, I work with suppliers and liaise on the optimal pricing strategy of contracts to ensure my clients get the deal they need for their business energy.

What advice do you have for someone looking to work at NGP?

To work here, it’s imperative that you are driven. You need to have a real passion for achieving success, and never being satisfied with anything less. If your clients won’t accept it, why should you? You’ve got to be resilient and determined to secure good outcomes. It’s imperative. But working at NGP has definitely got its perks too. We get almost two months off work, as we have our annual leave package, as well as the month of December off – on full pay. I’ve never heard of anything close to that in terms of a work/life balance. It’s really motivating for us, and I’m sure the culture we’ve created here is a huge factor in our success.

Global Procurement Group, the parent company of Northern Gas and Power are now accepting applications for positions in the UK, France, Malta and the USA. 

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