Major Shifts in the UK Energy Market – What’s Next?

In our latest update, we review the current dynamics within the wholesale energy market, focusing on recent trends and the impact on future trading strategies.

With insights derived from industry leaders and data aggregators, this bulletin aims to guide informed decision-making for energy procurement and management.

Market Dynamics

Recent trends in the wholesale energy market show links between recent geopolitical events, natural gas flows, and renewable energy outputs which significantly influence pricing and availability:

Renewable Energy Influence: The rise in wind power production continues to shape the market, offering a buffer against dependence on gas-fired generation.  This has helped to mitigate day-ahead contract prices, fostering a more diversified energy mix.

Natural Gas and LNG Updates: Norwegian gas flows to the UK are experiencing fluctuations due to maintenance, affecting day-ahead gas prices. Meanwhile, LNG cargo schedules are also impacting supply levels, with the UK’s strategic storage injections playing a key role in managing near-curve contract volatilities.

Oil Market Fluctuations: Brent Crude prices have shown mixed responses, primarily influenced by Middle Eastern geopolitical tensions and global economic indicators. These price movements are critical for energy companies to monitor as they correlate with broader energy cost implications.

Legislative Impacts: Policy decisions, such as the Dutch senate’s move to permanently close the Groningen gas field, are set to have long-term implications on European gas supplies, emphasising the importance of strategic energy sourcing and risk management.

Strategic Implications for NGP Clients

Given the current market conditions, NGP clients are advised to consider the following strategies:

  • Diversification of Energy Sources: Emphasise a broader mix of renewable and non-renewable energy sources to mitigate risks associated with supply fluctuations and price volatility.
  • Active Monitoring of Geopolitical Developments: Stay informed about international events that could impact energy markets, particularly those related to major oil and gas producing regions.
  • Adaptation to Legislative Changes: Align procurement strategies with emerging regulations and policies to leverage potential market shifts favourably.


The energy market remains subject to a variety of influencing factors, ranging from renewable energy outputs to international political climates.

NGP continues to provide expertise and strategic insights to navigate these complexities, ensuring optimal energy procurement and management solutions that align with market conditions and client objectives.

Stay updated with NGP Flex for more in-depth analysis and strategic guidance in the energy sector.


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