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Earlier in the week, we sat down with Lee, one of our Business Account Managers at Northern Gas and Power. Lee has been with NGP for just over a year, and has adapted to working in the energy sector after his previous career in car sales.

Lee talks us through his journey at the company, and explains how he’s benefitted immensely from the support made available to him at the company.

In this week’s instalment of NGP Success Stories, we asked Lee about his experiences here at NGP.

Tell us about yourself and your role at NGP.

I’m Lee, I’m a Business Account Manager for NGP. I’ve been here for over a year now, and I love it. It’s a great atmosphere at work – I’ve never really experienced anywhere quite like it, it’s a great place to work. My background has been in both sales and customer service. I’ve just made the move from car sales, where I was for most of my career, into the energy sector. NGP has been completely different from what I’ve been used to in my career. The work life balance here is incredible.

Previously, I worked 6-day weeks, with no time off for bank holidays. It wasn’t a great balance, but that’s been changed at NGP. There’s very much a big emphasis on maintaining a positive balance between life in and out of work.

What’s the work life balance like at NGP?

Previously, it was never guaranteed to have your weekends, or even your bank holidays. That was tough. But at NGP, that is guaranteed. It’s a great package with annual leave and the full month of December off too. I’ve got a young family and it’s really great for me to have so much time with them. I’ve been used to delaying plans because I never had the time for everything. To also have December off is really special. It not only refreshes you, but it really helps to get you going for the new year. The whole Christmas period with your family, it’s perfect.

What’s the dynamic like on the floors?

It’s great here. When I first started, I did feel a little nervous because I knew this was a huge company. But that quickly settled and I really felt part of it quite quickly. My colleagues have all been really welcoming and that’s one of the key reasons I settled in here. My team are phenomenal. Really funny, really friendly and easy to get along with.

Tell us about your day-to-day.

So as a Business Account Manager, I develop relationships with other companies. I’ll work with them to identify their current issues, and look at how our value added services could help resolve their issues. To be able to give support to businesses in this current climate, in this energy market, is really quite a rewarding and purposeful feeling.

What makes you enjoy the industry?

Day to day, there are always things that are changing. Previously, in my old job, it was quite monotonous and a little routine. There wasn’t really too much going on in terms of change. Days would blend together almost. But in the energy sector, things are always moving, and you’ve got to move with them. It’s quite exciting actually, to keep looking for new solutions, new ideas. Each solution that we provide is unique, which makes the work all the more rewarding. It keeps you interested in the job and in the sector as a whole.

How much support did you receive when you started here?

The support was phenomenal really. There’s training on all the time. There’s always opportunities to learn more, to grow more. I’ve had training all the way through my career here, and it’s really good to build confidence and experience.

On a weekly basis, or even daily basis, there are coaches and mentors available to guide you through your questions. But also within your team, experienced team members are always there to give support too. Everyone’s pushing to achieve the best for their clients, and that mindset really comes through on the floors. Lots of collaboration, lots of support. It comes right from the management too, support and experience is always available. I’ve never experienced working in this kind of culture, where a culture of working cohesively is really emphasised.

Global Procurement Group, the parent company of Northern Gas and Power, are now accepting applications for positions in the UK, France, Malta and the USA. 

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