Coronavirus is changing the way we embrace technology

As we face a period of significant uncertainty – where social interaction is minimised – the way we all view and embrace technology is radically changing.

In terms of health provision, technology uptake through Skype consultations has been swift across a multitude of audiences. While new audiences have adopted online shopping habits for the very first time and school video tutorial technology is being widely adopted.

The latest business energy comparison technology can also prove invaluable now as businesses look at finding the best deals online to fix in while the market price has dropped. Saving money on outgoings particularly for smaller businesses has never been more critical to see them through this tough time. In the coming days we’ll be keeping you updated on how businesses can save on their energy tariffs using the latest online tech.

No one wished for a situation like we all face today, but if we can glean any positives, then the way we embrace technology may just be one.


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