Helping SMEs reduce energy costs

The UK Government has stepped in to help stop the smallest businesses from being ‘locked in’ to expensive default energy tariffs.

A major report by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) showed that 45 per cent of small companies were stuck on their energy supplier’s most expensive tariffs.

The CMA has ordered companies to stop locking the smallest companies into automatic rollover contracts and to make it easier to compare pricing online.

Energy companies must now comply with the new regulation after it came into effect in June 2017.

It is hoped the step will save businesses up to £180m per year. At NGP, we believe we can go further still.

Energy brokers for small businesses

Small businesses being locked into contracts is an issue we have encountered many times at NGP – smaller businesses traditionally miss out when it comes to securing the best rates, because they do not have the same buying power and cannot afford an energy broker.

It is why we launched our SME channel, which brings all the benefits of NGP’s extensive energy market experience to modern, small businesses.

If you believe you could be saving money on your energy bills, even if you run a small business, then speak to NGP today and we will talk you through how we can help.

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