Gap between best and worst energy tariffs widens

Reports have emerged this week that highlight a huge gap between the cheapest available energy tariffs, and the worst.

There is now an average of £109-worth of difference between energy firms’ fixed rates, and their more expensive standard variable rate tariffs.

This only applies to domestic tariffs, but in our experience, the differences can be even greater for businesses, which use far more energy and are therefore more likely to suffer if they find themselves on an unfavourable rate.

The worst example was found in June 2017: an annual difference of £328.98 between two of Npower’s tariffs, for certain customers in Greater London.

The Government’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy says it wants to prevent loyal customers from being punished.

Guarantee lower energy bills

While the Government might be trying to help businesses, as usual, the emphasis is on businesses to help themselves. Or, more specifically, let NGP help.

Speaking to us is the best, easiest and fastest way to reduce energy bills.

That‘s not all we do, of course – browse the rest of our site to see the range of admin-reducing, cost-saving services we can offer, such as procurement, energy management and legislative compliance.

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