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Earlier this week, we spoke to Fiona, Business Account Manager at Northern Gas and Power. Fiona joined NGP just over a year ago, and shared her experiences so far at the company.

With over a decade’s experience in Sales, Fiona spoke about how she was able to adapt to Northern Gas and Power, learning about the industry and establishing relationships with new clients.

In this week’s instalment of NGP Success Stories, we asked Fiona some questions about her experiences here at the company. She provided some great insights into what life is like at Northern Gas and Power.

Tell us about yourself

I’m Fiona. I’ve been at Northern Gas and Power for just over a year now. I came from a Sales background initially, until I found Northern Gas and Power. I went through the internal recruitment process here and started my NGP career. I’ve never looked back really, I love it here – definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Was it useful to have a sales background?

It definitely helped, but there was still a lot to learn in a new sector. I’ve been in sales for ages, I’ve got over 12 years of experience in sales so I picked up quite a lot. When I started here, I learned all about how the energy sector works, and how we as a business can help customers navigate the industry.

How have you found the new sector?

Energy is completely different to anything I’ve ever experienced before. Here at NGP, no two days are ever the same. That’s quite exciting really. Part of my role is to engage customers, ask questions on their current energy profile and suggest solutions to improve their outcomes. I really enjoy that. I like building relationships with clients, learning about what they do, and how they function.

I’ve made lifelong friends from some of my clients, and that’s another side I really love about this job. It’s really satisfying to know you’re making a massive difference for another business, helping them understand the market and their options.

What’s the culture like at NGP?

The managers, directors and leadership here are really welcoming. That kind of support is really important, knowing that you’ve got loads of expertise and knowledge available if you need it. There’s also support for me too, with two young children, it’s fantastic to have a really family-orientated and flexible workplace. 

What’s the work/life balance like here?

The work/life balance is one of the biggest draws to the company to be honest. The work day can get intense, but there’s nothing for us to take home once the day is done – unlike other jobs out there. We’ve got a fantastic holiday package too, and the full month of December off on top of that, which is really incredible. There’s plenty of time to spend it with family and friends, doing things I’d never normally have time to do! The work/life balance here lets you really concentrate on your life at home. Definitely one of the perks here.

What are your aspirations at NGP?

There’s always room to progress at NGP. Right now, I’m enjoying the relationships I build with clients, engaging with potential customers and understanding their current strategies. But there are opportunities to move into pricing or closing deals with suppliers too. I’m really excited for the future.

It’s a really rewarding experience at NGP. Our entire function is to serve other businesses and find ways to help them reduce their energy costs or energy consumption. It comes down to applying your knowledge.

You’ve got to have knowledge of the energy industry, and how it works, and the movements that affect pricing. You’ve also got to have knowledge of your customer, and what their requirements are.

We’ve got to understand their needs, their operation and their current strategy, so we can work with them to optimise their energy use.

What would you say to people looking to work at NGP?

This is a workplace that will really boost your confidence. You will learn so much about how energy works and how other businesses work. For me, it’s different to any other job because of the responsibility associated with what we do. We’re responsible for getting positive results for customers, which is really needed in this current energy crisis more than ever.

Global Procurement Group, the parent company of Northern Gas and Power, are now accepting applications for positions in the UK, France, Malta and the USA. 

Are you interested in starting your career with Northern Gas and Power? Get the latest career information and job opportunities by visiting https://ngpcareers.com/vacancies/ today!

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