Energy with Ethics

Since its inception in 2012, Northern Gas and Power’s bedrock has been an ethical and transparent approach to its energy consultancy. Thousands of customers who rely on Northern Gas and Power’s industry knowledge continue to benefit from the rigorous and extensive compliance protocol provided by the company. Northern Gas and Power has contracted over 16,000 meters and manage over 30 TWHs of energy – more than the entire energy consumption of Ireland.

Northern Gas and Power has garnered a powerful reputation within the industry. It has developed a comprehensive framework of established supplier relationships and an impressive raft of alliances with industry authorities across the energy spectrum. This gives clients the confidence that they will receive unparalleled expertise and experience across Northern Gas and Power’s procurement and bureau services. As a result, its client base is extensive, ranging from new start-ups with single-site requirements to multi-national corporations with several sites across the country.

Fostering strong relationships

Continually fostering strong relationships within the industry, Northern Gas and Power has secured the backing of trusted suppliers like the “Big Six”, and the support of the new generation of online and green energy suppliers. The energy industry has undergone more change in the last five years than in the previous century. Technological change and the move to renewable energy is creating a series of challenges to the electricity sector globally. Northern Gas and Power has built one of the largest, dependable networks in the utilities sector. Providing expert and disciplined advice in procurement, energy services, and technology, it has developed the know-how to supply services across three continents.

On top of these advancements, Northern Gas and Power has built upon its fundamental principles of honesty, integrity and transparency. Recently, Northern Gas and Power received “Platinum Compliance” status with Total Gas and Power, having had its rigorous compliance standards invigilated. Demonstrating its commitment to drive the very highest standards, Northern Gas and Power provides its suppliers with unrestricted access to its internal systems, including the ability to access all compliance calls. The idea is simple for Northern Gas and Power: the industry must work together to constantly raise its standards.

In a market without official government regulation, it is incumbent on organisations to implement robust quality and compliance standards which ensure the very highest levels of transparency. Northern Gas and Power use an independent compliance department to reach out to all clients once a contract has been agreed, ensuring high-quality aftercare and complete consumer satisfaction in the process. The aftercare system at Northern Gas and Power is outstanding

Since its formation, Northern Gas and Power has generated and implemented a bespoke 100-point checklist to raise internal standards and monitor its sales process end-to-end, creating a self-regulatory framework to strengthen trust and transparency. The checklist is far-reaching: cross-referencing contract validity, cost-comparison audits, reviewing termination agreements, bill validation, as well as extensive call-listening to ensure full compliance with its protocols. Energy consumption analyses are undertaken through customer invoices to ensure the offers provided are the most accurate possible. References to these checks are all attached to systems and are immediately available to the suppliers. The aftercare system at Northern Gas and Power offers its customers a truly outstanding experience.

Support and guidance

Consultants at Northern Gas and Power are provided with detailed training programme and immersed in an in-depth training programme which ensures unrivalled subject knowledge. There are also regular industry training seminars, updates and briefings to support employees throughout their careers, ensuring they have the very latest industry insight at their disposal. The sales floor is equipped with live market updates and live business news, so clients are always given factual information through reliable market intelligence to provide the very best support and guidance.


In the unlikely event of a complaint, Northern Gas and Power have a dedicated aftercare team who will promptly investigate and provide customers with a swift, clear and concise resolution. Contact through phone calls and emails are monitored to ensure total compliance, with any inappropriate communication leading to disciplinary investigation.

Fortifying its own rigorous standards

Northern Gas and Power’s reputation in the marketplace has been vital to its success and by constantly fortifying its own rigorous standards; they are strengthening trust and transparency in the industry. An excellent 5-star Trustpilot rating is a clear example of customer approval. Tellingly, the CEO, Fokhrul Islam, has been given 99% approval rating by Glassdoor’s leavers’ reviews, compared with an industry average of 65%.

Northern Gas and Power continue to push standards and innovation to help consumers reduce the three ‘Cs’- consumption, costs and carbon. The goal is clear: create a sustainable environment for the future for us all.

Rasheed Ahmed, 29 July 2020

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