Energy intensive industries given £12m boost to cut emissions and costs

The UK government has announced a new £12 million initiative to support energy intensive industries, aimed at reducing emissions and costs within these sectors.

  • £12.4 million government funding is helping some of the most polluting industries find new ways to reduce their carbon emissions and energy bills
  • funding has supported the deployment of a range of new technologies, from heat pumps to hydrogen ready equipment, to help businesses cut fossil fuel use and improve energy efficiency
  • investment is helping to future-proof vital British industries in the transition to a lower carbon economy

This initiative is part of the government’s wider efforts to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and promote sustainable energy practices.

The funding will go towards supporting energy efficiency projects, such as investment in new technology, and upgrading existing equipment.

It will also support the development of low carbon processes and supply chain improvements, as well as increasing the uptake of renewable energy.

The current data

The initiative is expected to help the UK’s energy intensive industries, including manufacturers and processors, reduce their energy bills by an estimated £200 million per year.

It is estimated that industry is currently responsible for producing 16% of the UK’s emissions and will need to cut emissions by two thirds by 2035 in order for the UK to achieve its net zero target.

In addition, it is expected to result in a reduction of approximately 2 million tonnes of CO2 emissions, contributing towards the UK’s commitment to reducing emissions and combating climate change.

This announcement demonstrates the UK government’s commitment to supporting businesses in reducing their carbon footprint, promoting sustainability and driving economic growth.

Valuable opportunity

The initiative provides a valuable opportunity for energy intensive industries to make cost-effective, environmentally sustainable improvements to their operations.

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