DieselGate- The scandal and the fallout

There is no end in sight to the on-going emissions scandal. In the last week, a Volkswagen engineer has been handed a 40 months prison sentence and Audi have undergone large scale management changes, proving that this issue is still alive and kicking.

Beginning in 2015, the issue of ‘Dieselgate’ was a far reaching and impactful scandal, following the discovery that VW were knowingly fooling regulation emission tests. They did this by installing software that sensed when the car was being tested and change performance to fit the required emission levels. This level of deception has led to an in depth analysis of the scandal, and has placed a question mark above business ethics across several industries.

Take Exxon Mobil as another example.  Recently they have received attention due to their claim that natural gas is a ‘cleaner fuel source’. The phrasing they have used is misleading and as a massive multinational fuel provider, they have both the scope and the resources to make a more well-informed and scientifically backed statement, which also means they should be well aware of the drawbacks of natural gas. As a fossil fuel, gas still has a detrimental impact on the environment.

The reduction of emissions is a required part of the fight against climate change, and it is difficult to gauge the progress we are making when major organisations change data to fit their own goals. The need to be transparent about emissions is becoming of more importance as time goes on, and the best way to achieve CO2 reductions is to have access to accurate data to be able to gauge the current levels of emissions.

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