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Last week, we spoke to Chris, one of our Team Managers at Northern Gas and Power. Chris has been with NGP for 7 years, and has earned his way to promotion, now managing one of the Sales teams at NGP’s Gateshead headquarters.

Chris talks us through his journey at the company, and explains how the growth of NGP is centred on its values and its commitment to innovation for both colleagues and customers.

In this week’s instalment of NGP Success Stories, we asked Chris about his experiences here at NGP. He provided some great insights into the growth he’s seen at the company.

Tell us about yourself and what you do at NGP.

I’m Chris, and I’ve worked for NGP since August 2015. Up until last year, I worked as an Energy Consultant, so I would handle the end-to-end customer journey myself. I’d identify potential clients and explain the benefits of using NGP’s services and solutions. Once a business was happy to proceed with us, I’d look into how we could improve the business’ purchasing strategies and prepare tenders to our panel of suppliers. Then I’d close the deal for the customer and maintain the relationship, managing their energy needs and acting as a single point of contact. 

Towards the end of last year, I moved into a management position and became a team manager which was really exciting for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

What support did you get as you progressed?

The support I received was incredible. I shadowed a few senior managers here for a while, and got to understand what leadership was about. I shadowed our Managing Director too, so I got to understand the real mechanics of the business.

They were really keen on developing my knowledge. I was encouraged to read a lot of books on leadership and management, on how to maximise performance. They really emphasised how important it was to continue professional development. It’s something I’ve taken with me and implemented for my team now.

What makes the company special for you?

At NGP, there’s a real importance placed on progression. The progression pathway is made clear from the start, that there are opportunities to advance in your career here. There’s big emphasis on setting goals for yourself too, and helping people achieve, and even better those goals. The company is set up in a way that helps people achieve things you never would have expected of yourself. We’re all about changing lives here, and progression is a massive part of that.

The company isn’t afraid to invest in its people. If you get results for your clients and the company, there’ll also be results in it for you too. It’s down to each individual to maximise their performance. I think a lot of that is down to building up your knowledge base. The more you build and develop your industry knowledge, the greater your output will be. We’re always looking to maximise outcomes for our customers. And that comes from having a solid understanding of the industry.

How has the company evolved in your time here?

When I first began at NGP, we were in a smaller office along the road at the Gateshead Quayside. Since then, we’ve grown into a global operation, with offices across three continents. The company is always growing too. We’re bringing out something new every year. We’ve consistently developing new technologies, new systems, new products and features to help customers reduce their costs and consumption. This company never sits still. There’s always room for innovation, just like in the industry as a whole.

How important the Net Zero for the businesses you deal with?

It’s a huge factor for businesses at the moment. With Net Zero now made mandatory by the government, the focus on getting businesses there is enormous. We’ve added a focus on sustainability through our ClearVUE platform, which brings together and visualises information from a global energy portfolio down to the last detail – helping our clients work towards their net zero goals and ensuring compliance with climate-related legislation.

We’ve also got our Net Zero consultancy services, where we can provide businesses with disciplined and expert guidance on their Net Zero plans. That’s in addition to our site surveys, energy audits and energy management training services we also provide. We’re truly making a global impact as we look to reduce our carbon emissions.

Global Procurement Group, the parent company of Northern Gas and Power, are now accepting applications for positions in the UK, France, Malta and the USA. 

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