Are inefficient buildings wasting businesses’ energy?

A major new report from the University of Bath has suggested that inefficient buildings could be costing businesses millions of pounds in wasted energy.

The report says so-called ‘green’ buildings rarely live up to expectations: it also says construction experts rarely agree on the best techniques needed to make buildings more efficient.

As reported on EnergyLiveNews, the survey said people and businesses who bought buildings that claimed to be energy efficient, were being let down and frequently faced larger energy costs than expected.

David Coley, professor of low-carbon design at the University, said the answers received were “essentially random” and had no bearing on the real-world performance of the site.

He said: “We got completely different answers. Different people in the industry thought certain things really mattered and other things didn’t and it was very, very strange.

“A lot of responses that we got were not true, in that they made virtually no difference or that they made a huge difference in the opposite way to what the engineers were telling us.”

A business energy audit can help owners determine where their business is losing energy and money, and how such problems can be corrected by implementing strategies and measures to make the business more energy efficient and to reduce energy cost.

A range of different audit types are available from Northern Gas and Power, depending on your organisation. Initial opportunities for saving energy are normally identified through our comprehensive 75 point on-site Health Check. Our qualified energy engineers can provide you with a clear and easily understood report on your energy usage and offer recommendations which will include energy plans that can be implemented immediately and easily through to long term energy reduction strategies.

This will include:

  • Determining the energy performance of your building and equipment
  • Identifying precisely where savings can be made and how
  • Providing recommendations as to how the savings can be achieved
  • Free access to Energy Desk Platform

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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