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Earlier this week, we spoke to Adam, Business Account Manager at Northern Gas and Power. Adam joined NGP just over a year ago, and was totally new to the energy sector.

Having previously worked in the tourism and leisure sector, Adam spoke about how he adapted to the Northern Gas and Power, learning about the industry and managing energy assets for new clients.

In this week’s instalment of NGP Success Stories, we asked Adam some questions about his experiences here at NGP. He provided some great insights into what a new career in the energy sector looks like.

What was your background before NGP?

My background was first in health and fitness, then most recently in hospitality and leisure. When I moved up to Newcastle, I worked with hotels, managing key accounts and sales processes. I really enjoyed it, but after the pandemic, I was definitely ready for a new career path.

How did you hear about Northern Gas and Power?

Well I actually came across people who worked at NGP and loved it, so that’s how I first heard about the company. I followed NGP on LinkedIn and came across a role I thought I’d be suited to so I went for it. After that, I went through the recruitment process and interviewed for the role – now here I am over a year later!

Tell us about your experience so far.

Since I was new to the energy sector, I felt like I had a lot to learn. There’s loads of contributing factors that impact energy. That takes some time to grasp, and you’ve got to be patient and learn as you go along. But I’ve always had amazing support from my managers, directors and other colleagues. With the energy crisis at the moment, there are some real challenges for businesses out there. But we’re all solutions-focused and doing our best to help customers however we can.

There’s a lot that’s happening in energy all the time. There’s so much evolution in this sector, it’s unbelievable. And that’s the same across the board, at NGP too. That kind of dynamism in the sector makes the environment here what you’d expect. It’s energetic here. It’s fun and quite exciting.

What was your journey like when you first started?

I started out my training period learning from our trainers who were really helpful. Once I was confident in my knowledge, I started out on a team, and worked for a few different managers. That was really helpful. I learned a lot from each team leader. I was able to adapt to a variety of strategies, methods and approaches to help find solutions for my clients.

How did you find engaging with customers?

I think my background definitely helped there. I really enjoy the relationships I’d build with my clients, developing long-term partnerships with their business. It’s really important to build a rapport with clients, so I can understand their business, their operation and their needs. I’d explain our additional services at NGP beyond their energy procurement so they’d get a more rounded end-to-end service. We do a lot of work to manage their risk and work with suppliers to mitigate any price rises.

What are the benefits of working at NGP?

There’s loads to enjoy here. The commission structure is great. It really rewards the effort that we put in. But the big one for me was having December off in addition to annual leave. Once we hit target, we’re away for the full month, on full pay. I’d never experienced that in December before, coming from a hospitality background. It’s a one-in-a-million thing to get a break in December. I felt like I was retired! I had time to eat well, go to the gym, visit friends and family to just take the dog out – really good for wellbeing.

Global Procurement Group, the parent company of Northern Gas and Power, are now accepting applications for positions in the UK, France, Malta and the USA. 

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