Our Approach

Our ethos. Cultivating success.

We play whatever part we can to help your business grow, our ethos is to help you achieve your little wins. Because when you’re successful, that plays a massive part in our success and we are passionate about cultivating those long-term relationships with you.

We listen,

And from listening to you, we’ve worked out what is important to you, and you have told us…


We’ll always be straight to the point with the truth – no matter how hard the truth may be to hear, we won’t fluff anything. This is why over the last decade we have built one of the most enviable reputations in the energy sector, globally.


We don’t ask that you simply trust us, we understand it must be earned! Over the last decade, we have experienced unmatched growth within the international utilities sector. This should give you confidence that our advice is born from solid foundations, which our experience and know-how have been built on, and, when we have delivered on our advice, we will have earned your trust.

Our reputation is key, what you think of us matters to us,

Everything we do starts from treating your business like our own, because when we advise you, we place our reputation on the line – a reputation we’ve built over the last decade by doing things very well, and getting those small things right, and it’s those small things that have made our reputation so big. – and we are very proud of that.

Size Matters

Our ethics, approach, and reputation have accelerated the growth of our company into a market-leading position in the utilities sector, across the UK, France, and United States.

We take our responsibility very seriously, being the largest has meant our dominant market share has given us the capability to work independently and differently from our competitors and most importantly for our customers. Our influence ranges from providing advice to suppliers, helping develop systems for suppliers, and advising one of the largest shopping malls ever built in the United States (it was a monster!) on their energy strategy. 

Behind the scenes, we’re always pushing to bring about positive changes; from improving compliance, customer satisfaction, reducing errors in contract changeovers, through to better service delivery and improving consumption data for more accurate billing.

Whether you are a Northern Gas and Power customer or not, we have always been fighting your corner… even if you didn’t know it.

Our delivery.

As we all accelerate towards a sustainable low-carbon economy, the importance of finding the right partner has never been greater.

Northern Gas and Power is a world-leading expert in energy procurement, carbon reduction, and clean energy technologies. All of our advice is researched, analytical and based on almost a decade of experience in international energy sectors.

We look at the very core of our customers’ businesses, so we can help them to progress, improve efficiency, and simplify complex procedures.

We will only provide advice once we are confident we’ve understood your business needs and have tailored individual advice that supports your complex energy strategies.