4 Things you didn’t know about Northern Gas and Power.

We are not known for being quiet about our culture. We have recently begun recruiting new family members from solely non-industry backgrounds. In comparison with our past recruitment focus and indeed many of our competitors strategies, this new direction is a step away from the norm.

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Why change now?

Granted, our past strategies have been dynamically successful. We have been voted Best place to work in the UK 2017 by Glassdoor and CMI. We have broken projections for growth year upon year, with no signs of stopping now.

So why change now?

Personal growth is a crucial aspect of our business. It is a staple part of the culture here at NGP. By focusing on how we do things, we are disrupting and innovating a rather mundane industry. This explains the excitement both inside and outside our business.

The aspect that sets us apart from the competition is we know what it takes to be successful; and that it’s our people that make it possible.

The message we want to send is clear. We want exceptional people to join our extraordinary journey. You don’t have to have memorised every aspect of the utilities industry, we are the experts. Our comprehensive training will show you all you need to know.

You have to be aware of your own skills and have the experience to match.

4 things you don’t know about NGP.

We asked our new team members that came from non-industry backgrounds what surprised them about NGP.

  1.  The opportunities are limitless.


” The opportunity to make life changing money is crazy, you don’t believe it until you’re actually here seeing people change their life. I feel like I’ve worked here a lot longer than a matter of months as we are just one big team. Everyone is more than helpful and great to work with.”

We have a habit of stunning our new starters. The old cliché of ‘your opportunities are endless’ applies perfectly to NGP. However, this is not the empty phrase of an advertisement, but a statement of complete truth; proven daily by our NGP family.

  1.  The atmosphere of change.


” The buzz within the company is unlike any company I’ve worked for in the past. No one has a negative outlook and the top performers help to support the new guys, there’s no air of arrogance that other companies suffer from. The opportunity to succeed quickly in this company is unreal.”

We plan huge events for our family. The events ensure our family socialise, from the top directors to our entry level team members. This allows an atmosphere of familiarity and a relationship greater than simply employer-employee. This gives our culture a unique strength.

  1.  How we support the NGP Family.


” I have found that the support has been awesome. Its taken me a while to find my feet. I have never felt negatively pressured in anyway. I have found moving from a showroom environment back on to the phone after around 4 years is a massive change. The support I get from my Manager Sven is second to none. I have received coaching from Emma and Georgina, and I can honestly say I am moving in the right direction.”

We started out from nothing, and through hard work have accomplished success after success. We raise every member of our family up, through training, support, 1-1 coaching, and an atmosphere of continued learning. We’re here to celebrate the successes and help to build back up from the failures. Nothing is final in our industry, and everything can change.

  1.  The well-being of our Family is paramount to our success.


“There was a real focus on team member well-being! It was a priority in every aspect of the role!”

Managerial behaviour is crucial to how we operate successfully. We aim to ensure our team members have the facilities to support them if they ever need them. We know we are a high pressured, hard to work in organisation, but we are proud of this! This is the reason we have: dedicated NLP practitioners, incentives, social events, incentives and the whole of December off! We have unparalleled work-life balance, and support available throughout the working day.

Do you think you’re tough enough to succeed at NGP? Apply to changeyourlife@richards252.sg-host.com TODAY!

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