2018: the year for renewable energy?

Building on a tumultuous 2017, 2018 looks to be an extremely exciting year in the energy industry!

For the first year ever, the UK produced most of its energy from low carbon sources, meaning that even in times of Brexit uncertainty; the UK has energy sustainability as a focus and is effective at furthering its goals. This is in contrast to the US’s energy policy which has turned focus to the coal industry, to the dissatisfaction of many US citizens, climate experts and scientists. In addition, the US pulled out of the Paris agreement, a decision that was met with skepticism from countries around the world.

China came to the forefront of renewable generation, with one wind turbine installed every hour, coupled with a football field’s worth of solar panels installed in the same amount of time. Emerging markets like south-east Asia are predicted to eclipse even developed nations in their ability to generate green energy, due to the prices of the technology dropping.  This is leading to investor attention turning to the emerging markets to seek footholds in these expanding industries.

With growing calls for developing nations to remove or reduce levels of governmental involvement in the industry, 2018 looks to be an exciting and unpredictable year in the energy industry.

For small businesses, sustainable energy choices are becoming easier, but as the choices grow so does the difficulty of finding the best deal for your business.  Speak to us, and we will make sure 2018 is the year you make the smarter energy choice.

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